Ellis Island crowded by adventurous young people

Ellis Island crowded by adventurous young people

They left Amsterdam to make money in the US. Amber van Dijk (Idunn M. J. Abelsnes) and her brother Floris van Dijk (Oscar Twijnstra).


They swarm from all over the world to pursue happiness in the US. For Amber (25) the journey ended in despair.

New York Post/Stavanger Cathedral School


Hope, curiosity and a little seasickness were engraved in their young faces. Amber van Dijk (Idunn M. J. Abelsnes) and her brother Floris van Dijk (Oscar Twijnstra) recently left the steamer that brought them over the Atlantic from Amsterdam to New York City, the former New Amsterdam.

"Happiness and money, that's what we want in our new country", Amber and Floris told the New York Post at the entrance of the Ellis Island registration office.


By dawn the new immigrants disembarked from the steam ships and headed for the Ellis Island immigration office.


Since this is the year 1910, Mr. van Dijk takes care of his sister and her money. Their parents have passed away. Floris was a successful businessman back home in the Netherlands, and now he wants to earn a fortune in dollars.

His sister Amber doesn't have such glorious ambitions. "I want to get a job as a chambermaid", she says with shyness and humbleness. "And", she continues, "I also want to find a nice husband. Hopefully my brother will introduce me to a wealthy man that he does business with".

And then they disappear into the registration office, where the immigrants stand in lines for hours and hours. These days young people from all over the world are attracted by The Big Apple and the US.


They want to pursue happiness in the US. The registration room is always crowded.


From tiny Norway in Scandinavia, descendants of the Vikings are arriving here in big numbers. Yesterday, we met immigrants from Stavanger, a village on the west coast mostly known for shipping and herring.

"A dull and poor village. No opportunities for us," some youngsters from Stavanger told the New York Post. Norwegians are known for being introvert and dull, but honest, healthy and hard-working people. Consequently, most of them get the permission to immigrate.


Ready to leave a lousy way of life in the herring village Stavanger: Sara Lee Heradstveit (from left), Jarle Rød, Oda Linnea Linett Eidem and Emily Moksnes.

With Italians it's a little different. Yesterday five young Italian men yelled from their custody at Ellis Island. They were suspected of being connected to the terrible mafia.

"Hey, only a few Italians are mafiosos. This is racism", a man told us. He presented himself as Mr. Luka Opacic from Sicilia.


- Hurry up! Security officer Kjersti Vik isn't very patient.


Depressed in the hospital: Amber van Dijk has got the diagnosis "lunatic", and her brother has disappeared.

In the hospital close to the custody a red-headed young lady is sitting with her neck bowed, Obviously, she is depressed as she reads a form over and over again.

She's Amber van Dijk, the hopeful woman from Amsterdam. She has got a very bad stamp on the form: "Mentally ill".

"I did not pass the psychological test", she said. Amber was told the fake story of a family member's funeral. On that occasion, a young lady meets a very charming man. However, she doesn't get his name. After some days, the lady's sister passes away. The question is: Do you think the lady killed her sister, because she hoped that the man would show up at the funeral?

"I answered yes, and that became my fate", Amber revealed. Now she was afraid of being sent home to Amsterdam.

What about her brother? He disappeared in the crowd at Ellis Island.


Doctor Hedda Signora Berggraf checking the throat of Maren Holte Ormøy. Everything was fine.


The anxious immigrant Sveinung Hjelmervik from Korea is waiting for the long-desired stamp in his papers. Aline Høie is the registration officer.


Åse Elin Langeland is the powerful Head of Security at Ellis Island.


Happy immigrants in the Promised Land with popcorn and soda. Runar Bjørnsen Jekteberg and Daniel Axelsen in front, behind them Eline Hundstad Haugen and Noah Kumpitak Nilsen.


Security officer Sondre Håland. You don't play games with this guy.

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