Collaboration and debate!

Collaboration and debate!

View of the hall where the delegates held their debate.

The weekend before Easter, 17 bright and motivated pupils from Stavanger Katedralskole participated in this year's SCANDMUN (Scandinavian Model United Nations), hosted by the International School of Stavanger.

Together with 100+ students from 7 different schools across Norway, they gathered to research, debate international issues and simulate the proceedings in the General Assembly in the United Nations.

Participating in an event like SCANMUN, helps the pupils develop their diplomacy skills and their understanding of international issues.
The entire conference was conducted in English, so the pupils' English proficiency was also put to the test. At this year's conference the topic was the question of eliminating and preventing all forms of social and political extremism.


The delegates are hard at work writing new clauses for the primary resolution: Thea Fylling Lundal, Martine Aamodt Hess, Runar Bjørnsen Jekteberg, Kaja Hjertenes, Kamilla Sehnal, Trude Smistad and Frøya Vårin Aasebø

The debate was heated, and one witnessed the thoroughness of the pupils' research first hand. Several of the delegates from Katedralskolen took to the podium and spoke on behalf of their designated country, while some had different points of interest challenging other countries' resolution clauses and amendments. Some delegates even debated their own clauses in the primary resolution.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and we look forward to participating again next year!


The amazing delegates from Stavanger Katedralskole: Vegard (3STB), Eirin (2STD), Martine (2STD), Yasmin (2STC), Trude (2STB), Thea (3STB), Odin (1STE), Kaja (1MDF), Frøya (2STB), Kamilla (1MDF), Ada (1STE), Sigrid (1STE), Mathias (1STE), Odd Olav (1STE), Christina (1STE), Ingrid (1STE) and Runar (1MDF)

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